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Featured Work

Double Up

Acrylic on silk and satin
55.75 x 111.5 in.

Artist Statement
My work is an intersection of contemporary abstraction and traditional Chinese painting, where both aspire to elucidate the relationship between nature and consciousness through an idiosyncratic yet lyrical sensibility. With a quixotic nod to science, science fiction and scientific theories, my organic forms suggest a microscopic to macrocosmic continuum inherent to nature. I incorporate a process that is by turns both premeditated and improvisational by pouring, dripping and brushing paint onto fabric such as canvas, linen, satin or silk. With attention to the formal aspects of modernist painting such as surface, support, and color, I also look to the various genres of traditional Chinese painting where forms are composed upon long vertical, horizontal and multi-panel formats, or on circular and fan-shaped works. The conflation of these elements informs the process where my intimations can first be spontaneously expressed, then developed, and finally compellingly arranged.


home gallery bio cv & press contact